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Consignment Terms

  1. Lotting should be done by owners. Lots may be arranged in any manner convenient to you, i.e. in glassines, on stock cards, on pages, etc., as long as we can identify what you have done. Include an inventory list with a brief description of each lot.
  2. Although our minimum bid is $10, please do not make up lots at this level. Lots must have an expected realization (not catalog value) of $25 or more.
  3. We reserve the right to regroup or to decline any lot. Rejected lots will be returned as soon as possible after examination.
  4. Shipment should be made via insured or registered mail or any of the private delivery services. We will acknowledge each shipment when it's received. Lots will be entered into the next possible sale.
  5. All lots are generally UNRESERVED. However, we will accept reasonable reserves on rare items.
  6. Since we guarantee all stamps sold are genuine, any stamp recognized as not genuine will be returned to the owner. Fees for certificates and related expenses from expert committees such as APS, PSE, and the Philatelic Foundation for stamps found to be not genuine, will be charged against the owner's account.
  7. Commission fees for sellers: 20% of prices at which lots are sold, except that for covers, collections, paper ephemera, unlotted accumulations, etc., the rate is 25%, with a minimum fee of $2 for each lot sold, plus $1 for each unsold lot.
  8. Final settlement will be made about 4-5 weeks after each sale. We need time to collect payments from buyers.
  9. Unsold lots will be listed in one future sale unless you wish them returned immediately after one listing.
  10. Stamps with less than FVF centering and stamps with defects (excepting rarities), will not be listed as single-stamp lots. Such stamps should be left in collections or grouped in large lots with a minimum catalog value of $300. Any lots not conforming to these minimums will be combined into larger lots or returned to the consignor.
  11. Covers, errors and freaks and non-Scott items should have an estimated market value of at least $25.
  12. Collections and accumulations: Please supply a Scott catalog value for these. If a recent valuation is not available, please give me a realistic estimate of the market value of the lot. List the better value individual stamps by Scott number so that they may be examined and highlighted in the sale.
  13. New consigners: before shipping anything, please write or call with complete information about the material you wish to consign. Lots to be submitted should have sufficient value to realize $100 or more.

Please do not hesitate to call with any questions.

Normal office hours are 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Eastern (GMT -5), Monday thru Friday.